Reef Swim School

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Welcome to Reef Swim School

Reef Swim School is a division of Reef Divers and was founded by Lenize Oeschger (SAI Instructor Trainer) and Peter Herbst (PADI Course Director and owner of Reef Divers). At Reef Swim School we teach age 3 to Adult, using experiential learning activities allowing students to explore the water in a creative and comfortable environment. The instructors at Reef Swim School are all qualified swimming instructors trained to follow the PADI Swim School standard of teaching. 

Reef Swim School is an independent authorized provider of PADI Swim School.  PADI Swim School is an internationally recognized swim instruction curriculum developed by the Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) based in the United States.


PADI Swim School Director

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Reef Divers Owner


In the late 1990s, they operated several aquatic facilities around the country, and at the same time developed training systems for their management services firm. Through these experiences they realized they had created a new and effective way to reduce drowning and save lives by integrating experiential learning theory with aquatics. The goal then became to develop a risk management system and competency-based training program complemented by exemplary service and cost-effective support. In 1999 they came across The Starfish Story that inspired our name, and founded the Starfish Aquatics Institute.

SAI exist to help aquatic facilities save lives.  Since their founding they have served clients around the world representing thousands of aquatic facilities which have trained thousands of lifeguards and taught hundreds of thousands of people to swim. Many of their clients have been with them since the beginning – those who were looking for a better way and who continue to excel today. Some have just joined the family and are on their way to maximizing their potential.