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What We Offer


The PADI Swim School curriculum will develop a high comfort level in the water and a readiness to swim, and for those children who are developmentally ready, it will teach functional swim skills. This class approaches teaching swimming through creative, fun activities in the water.

Students work toward development of the five core swimming competencies and receive colour stage awards for each achievement.  The colour stages are used to divide students into broad ability groups.  Children progress at individual rates with the opportunity to learn the core swimming skills and progress to advanced strokes.  Learning is self-paced but challenging.

From age 3 kids are in a swim group of maximum 4 students, with their own instructor leading the class. This is the same for all ages up to 15 years – these lessons are 30 minutes whereas the Adult Learn to Swim Classes is 1 hour and a maximum of 2 students or private lessons on request.

Our curriculum is first and foremost safety based, once the student feels safe and comfortable in the water, can float and get out of the pool by themselves we start focusing on different swim strokes. We also offer stroke correction classes for students who can swim, but wants to improve their swim technique. 


Swim School    3 – 5 years

                          6 – 8 years

                          9 – 12 years

                         13 – 15 years

Adult learn to Swim

Stroke School

Stroke Correction        



Seal team


Swim School ratio is 4 students to 1 Instructor and lessons are 30 min. Adult learn to swim ratio is 2 Adults to 1 instructor and lessons are 1 hour.